October 26, 2009

May 2009

With May came the beginning of beach season and everything else we love to do during the summer. We were able to take our first trip to the beach andhad a fabulous day!
Later that month we enjoyed a visit from my mom. Sadie loves to see her Grammy honor and enjoyed all the back logged presents she brought with her. We also got to go to the strawberry patch in Carlsbad again. Sadie had fun picking all the strawberries she could.

April 2009

Easter. Sadie picked out a cute dress for Easter, which included a matching dress for her baby doll Saylor. We went to a park before Church and hid eggs for her to find. Church was wonderful and we wnjoyed a great dinner.

March 2009

Sadie is 4! Our little girl got bigger. I had a great day Sadie and I think she really enjoyed her birthday. It was a no-party year, but it was her day. I made her a big banner to wish her a happy birthday when she woke up. She thought it was so cool! She loved it so much that we hung it in her room and it is still up! I made her favorite blueberry muffins for breakfast. Sadie loves to blow out candles, whether they are hers or they belong to someone else. she loved putting one in her muffin, with Aaron at work, I sang happy birthday to her and let her blow out her candle. Sadie had been wanting one of those cute little stuffed dogs that came in a fancy little bag, so i took her to a store to pick one out! she picked out a fuzzy one named her Fluffy. I felt advantageous and made her cake also. It didn't exactly turn out how I envisioned, but it worked. All sadie cared was that it had Princesses on it and tasted great! When Aaron got home, we took her out to her favorite place for dinner, Del Taco. (YUCK!) She loves the quesadillas there. She was in heaven, and that is what mattered most.

February 2009

Aaron turns 33!
This year was a little different, Aaron didn't have his Dad around to share their birthday, but we made the best of it. Aaron always gets cheesecake instead of birthday cake, so I made one for him this year. It turned out GREAT! I enjoyed it more than the store bought, and not just because I made it. A year older and wiser.

January 2009

Jesus Wants Me for a SUNBEAM! With the new year came Sadie's first day in Primary! She had no problem with the transition which was a relief after what we went through with Nursery. Sadie loves everything music, so to her advantage she knew all the primary songs. The year is almost though and she still loves going! I am now serving in primary and I enjoy interacting with her in a different setting.

We're Back!

So 2008 had it's ups and downs. The biggest change for our family was selling our house in Victorville and moving to Ontario. Although we truly enjoy being out of the high desert, we miss our house and everything that comes with it: our friends, the space, the yard. Aaron misses doing yard work on the weekends. I told him I was sure there were people in the ward who wouldn't mind him coming to do their yard work for free! So we've made some adjustments, but we're doing great! Aaron is 5 minutes from work and doesn't miss the commute. Sadie and I have made lots of new friends and enjoy doing fun things with them. We are Happy and Healthy and Together, that is what matters most!

December 08, 2007

It's a Christmas Miracle!

Here is our Christmas Tree! I am so excited becasue it is the best tree ever and we got such a good deal on it. So this year we went to Lowes first to look for trees, they had some okay ones, but we wanted to see if there was something a little better at home Depot. The problem is, they keep so many of these trees tied up to save on space, but no tree ever looks good once it's been untied. I think we have made the mistake of thinking one looks okay, and then after a day at home, there are huge gaps in it and it doesn't look that great. So at HD there were not very many that were untied. We were looking in the 6-7 foot section, which was in our price range, but nothing looked that great. I saw another tree a few feet away, and it was the PERFECT tree. It was beautiful at all angles and I knew it was the one. The problem was that it was considered 7-8 feet which was $20 more! I was so mad. So we went back to the other section and started looking some more. I pulled one out that i wanted the guy to cut open so we could look, and then I started to notice, it was the same size as my perfect tree. I had teh guy pull the other one over and check it out, and sure enough, they were the same size, but priced differently. So the guy let us seitch the price tags so that we got the tree we wanted for the price we wanted. Thank you Mr. Home Depot Christmas Tree Guy!

Chrsitmas Lights

It's Christmas Time!
I love this time of year, putting up the lights and decorations. Everything looks beautiful all lit up. Although I love the lights and decorations, for some reason, up here is the high dessert, people feel it necessary to put up their light and decs right after Halloween. I don't get that, but whatever. So Aaron went out and put up all the lights. He didn't want to brave putting htem on the second story, but that's okay. It was so much fun because we went out and started putting up the lights and our neighbors all came out and started putting thiers up too!
Thank You to my awesome hubby for getting up on the ladder and risking your neck to make our holiday happier! Now the kicker, after all the work, for some reason, the light keep burning out. We'll turn them on at the beginning of the vening, and then a fuse will blow out. We've tried to use and extension cord and do all sorts of different things, but we just can't seem to get them to work. I guess we'll just have to enjoy all the neighbors' lights.

The Stake Turkey Trot

Every year on Thanksgiving morning, our stake puts on a turkey trot. It's a 5K run and a mile run or walk. Aaron thought it would fun this year to go and to just walk the mile with Sadie. It was very COLD!!!! But we bundled Sadie up in her stroller and took off. We had fun and it was good to get out and exercise before we stuffed oursleves that day. Sadie wasnted to walk the last bit, so we let her gte out and walk, she cot to run across the finish line and they gave her a little medal. Fun was had by all!

Grandma Honor & Uncle Bruce

We were lucky to have Grandma Honor (my mom) and Uncle Bruce (my brother) come visit us for Thanksgiving. Sadie LOVED seeing them. She had so much fun with them. They showed up on Wed night after she had gone to bed, but we had told her they were coming. The next morning when she woke up, she wanted to go in and wake them up too! She convinced Uncle Bruce to color with her, which he was happy to do. She just thought they were the greates people since cheese! They are all she talks about now.

November 01, 2007

Sweet Curls

We curled Sadie's hair for Halloween. I thought it would be nice to do something different with her under that big witch hat. I tlooked good when we left the house, but by the time we got out trick or treating, it was over. Even with all the hairspray, it didn't have a chance. Oh well, at least I have pictures to prove it. Sadie didn't like sitting long enough to curl it, but she loved looking at it in the mirror. her famous words "Oh My Hair!" That usually means she thinks it looks silly.


Halloween finally came! Sadie has been so thrilled for Halloween this year. She didn't really choose what her costume was this year, but she loved it from the moment we showed her. Any time someone asked her what she was going to be for halloween she would say "I'm a be a WITCH!" She wanted to wear it everyday. We finally had to hide it from her. Out of sight, out of mind works really well with her. We went to a ward halloween party on Saturday, she loved that, "look at all the fantastic costumes", she likes big words. She enjoyed doing trunk or treat and it was a good prep for the real thing. For Halloween we went to grandma and grandpa's house to go trick or treating around their neighborhood. We would get to the door and she would get gun-shy, she would hardly squeek out trick or treat and thank you. The she would race to the next door and ask, "we do more tick or treat?" as if we were going to pull the plug on it. She wasn't really digging the hat either. We would make her put it on before she went to the door, but as soon as she was done, she would take it off again until we made her put it on at the next door. The hat totally made the costume, but she didn't get it. Next year, no hats, whatever she dresses as. We had fun, and Sadie did too. Can't wait until next year!


The cooler weather is here, the leaves have fallen off the trees... Oh wait, we live in the dessert, there are NO trees! No trees, and everything around us is in flames! Yep, it's fall here! Here in the Escher home, we're gearing up for Halloween like never before. Ever since we bought Sadie her pumpkin pail for trick or treating, all we hear about is Halloween. Sadie wants to watch every Halloween show, and constantly wants to look around the neighborhood at all the halloween decoration on the houses. Last year, she enjoyed trick or treating, but this year, and I quote "I love Halloween, it's my favorite!" We can't wait for it to be over. I thought it would be fun to take these photos for fall, since we didn't get the chance to do Sadie's 2 1/2 pictures. She never really smiles for me, but I think thay turned out so so.

October 01, 2007

Big Girl

We've just noticed recently that Sadie has had a growth spurt! Okay, so it's been over the last 3 months, but we're seeing differences in her height, her weight and other features. I think it all became real when we had a cold spell and we had to dig out last winter's clothes. Her pants were like capris, her shirts were near midrift, and don't get us started on her feet! I pray she doesn't get Aaron's feet. Her hair has gotten so long too! It's fun coming up with different things to do with it. Although Aaron doesn't care for it much, I love it down, wth nothing in it. Aaron alwasy insists upon putting some sort of clip in it so it will stay out of her face, but I think it's beautiful on it's own. Sadie gets impatient waiting for me to finish my creations, but she always loves the end result. She insists upon looking at it in the mirror when we are done. She has also otten to the stage where she is a little more concerned with what she wears. She doesn't really care what I pick out for her, but once she has it on, it stays. We find this more on Sundays, after we get home from church, we try to get her to change, but she won't change her dress for the rest of the day. We love our little girl and are amazed at her growth everyday. She is so intelligent too. Her vocabulary is fabulous and she loves using big words. She talks NON-STOP! Good luck getting a word in with her.


The Happiest Place On Earth! We have a friend in the ward who works at Disneyland. Twice a year they get two free day passes. He has no children, so he usually gives them away. Were were the lucky ones recently! Since Sadie is still fee, we only had to pay for parking! YIPPEE! Sadie had so much fun. This was her second time at Disneyland and she loves it. Her favorite rides are the teacups, Dumbo and the carasol horses. We went on teacups twice, or should I say, Sadie and I went on teacups, Aaron can't handle them! Poor guy has a weak stomach. But he got to go on other rides with her, so we all had fun. We got to go on the new Nemo ride, which was kinds cool. Little to close for comfort, closterphobic anyone? The only character we had the chance to take pics with was Eeyore. Aaron and I have beef with the whole character thing. They bring the characters out, but they only stay out for about 10 minutes and then they sweep them away, if you don't make it to the front of the line, too bad! We got to see Tigger... as he walked away! That's okay, Sadie thinks it's all cool from far away, but once you get up to them, she freaks. She actually did okay with Eeyore. I loved how the park was decorated for Halloween. The Haunted Mansion looked awesome, but we didn't dare get close with Sadie. I love how all the pumpkins looked like different characters. All in all, we had a blast. We hope that we can get season passes next year!

September 06, 2007

Saratoga Springs

The Escher's Utah Home

This is the Escher's home in Saratoga Springs Utah. We thought it was a beautiful home and hope they will be happy there when they move next summer!

At The Lake

Monday Ron & Julie were nice enough to take us out on their boat. They took us around the lake and showed us the other areas on the lake. Sadie loved being on the boat. She would just sit and smile as we rode around. She also thought is was cool that Ron & Julie's dog, Bruiser, came with us. She was in hog heaven. We were also able to go on the tube. What a contraption that was. The ones we had been on before let you sit in them and hold on for dear life, but this one you had to sit on your knees with the back open and hold on tight! We used muscles in our arms and legs that we had never used before. The next day I could hardly buckle my seatbelt without a little twinge of pain from sore muscles. I think everyone got to go for a ride. Ron was merciful to Cheryl and I when we were on. We were even able to take Sadie on for a could rides. Aaron and his dad had a blast together! Aaron tried to wake board also, but that didn't go as well. he got up once, but wasn't able to stay up for long. I think he was really tired from being on the tube, and didn't have the strength to try something new. Maybe next time! Thank you so much Ron & Julie for all your hospitality while we visited. You helped make our trip a fun and memorable one!

I Like To Look For Rainbows

We had a delightful day at church on Sunday. Sadie absolutely loved nursery, which was a relief. Sunday School was fabulous, with the best teacher (no offense Daphne).
The weather was really nice in the morning but changed in the afternoon. After a little bit of wind and some moisture, we ended up with two beautiful rainbows!
They were so beautiful and went over the entire lake. What a nice end to the Sabbath.

Temple Square

On Saturday we took Sadie to Temple Square. She loved seeing the Salt Lake Temple. she was enthralled with all the fountains and water.

We went to both Visitor's Centers. She loved going to the South Visitor's Center where they have the large statue of Christ. She said that he was "beautiful". When we tried to take a picture of her in front of him, she freaked and didn't want to get too close. Aaron had to hold her, and even then, it's not the greatest picture since she's hiding her face in Aaron's shoulder.

We took many pictures around the temple and Sadie got very excited about seeing all the sister missionaries everywhere.

While we were in the visitor's center, Aaron started talking to one of the sister missionaries working in there. After talking to her and discussing where he had served, he found that there was a sister serving at the temple who he had known on his mission. She must have been about 10 or so when he knew her family in Reading England. Unfortunately, she was serving the latter leg of her mission in Maryland and was no longer at the temple.

We continued our day by taking a tour of the conference center. What an amazing building! There is no doubt that President Hinckley was truly inspired in his request to develop this building. Everything is so perfect down to the tiny details. I loved all the artwork throughout the center.

We loved the story of the podium and how it came from a tree that was dying in President Hinckley's yard. Who would have know when he planted that tree so many years before that it would serve a great purpose and become part of history.

The top of the conference center is also something to speak of. It's amazing all the plants and trees they have on the roof, yet no soil and no weeds. I was amazed at all the things we learned on the tour. Our tour group was very small. It was us, another couple and a single man. We came to find that other than the guide, we were the only members. It was exciting to see how interested these people were in the history of the church and the conference center.

At one point at the end of the tour, the guide was speaking about the death of Joseph Smith, how he was shot for not denying what he knew and believed to be true. One of the other people on the tour asked her to repeat what she had said. He could not believe that Joseph Smith had been killed for that. It was awesome to find someone with and open mind who found the prophet's martyrdom to be as ridiculous and sad as those of us who have a true love of Joseph Smith.

After the tour, Sadie was wiped and we decided to head home. We hadn't really stopped for lunch, so when we go to the car, we gave her some wheat thins. As you can see in the picture, she fell asleep eating them. Her hand was still in the bag.

Our Trip To Utah

Aaron, Sadie and I all went to Utah Labor Day weekend to help Aaron's parents move some stuff up there and see their new home. It had been more than ten years since either Aaron or I had been to Utah, and it was exciting to be able to take Sadie to see the different temples and fun spots.

Our destination was Saratoga Springs, but our first stop was in St. George. We stopped for breakfast and then to give Aaron's oaretns a head start in the moving tuck, we took Sadie over to see the St. George temple. It was so beautiful, but VERY hot! We were hoping for a relief from the heat, but didn't find it there.

Sadie loved the temple and enjoyed seeing a bride getting her pictures done.

Saratoga Springs was another 4 hours from St. George. Once we got back on the road there was nothing until we hit Provo. We had left at 6 that morning adn had hoped Sadie would sleep part of the way. I know I have a hard time staying awake in the car, but she was relentless. She didn't sleep the entire trip, and finally after a struggle, went to bed at 9. She was a very tired girl!

Did I mention that the air conditioning in the rental van was not functioning the whole trip? We had rented a van so there would be enough room for us all to travel home in together. The van we took from California was brand new, only 15 miles on it when they picked it up. That wasn't any fun, to say the least. Saturday morning after tying to take it to a delaership to have it looked at, we finally had to trade it in with another van in Salt Lake.

August 22, 2007

Big Helper

Whether it's helping daddy wash the car, do yardwork (foogook) or wash the windows, Sadie is always Daddy's Big Helper. I think she got more water on her than on the window. At one point, she was standing IN the bucket, still washing the window. Wish I would have got that picture. She is always the first to offer her assistance, whether you want it or not. I see so many great qualities in her already. I know she is still young, but I hope the great qualities she is developing will stay with her as she gets older.

I'm Getting Older

Happy Birthday To Me!
the BIG 28
I can't beleive I just had another birthday. I'm just that much closer to 30, YIKES! Aaron's family celebrated my birthday along with his mother's the day before, on Sunday. We had cake and pie and they sent the leftover cake home with us. Hence the half eaten birthday cake. Sadie loves to blow out candles so much that we decided to light candles again on my birthday. I got to blow them out, and then we lit two for Sadie to blow out. Aaron took me out on Wednesday to Cheesecake Factory for my birthday dinner. YUMMY!

Poolside Pals

Sadie has been having a blast this summer in her big pool! She loves trying to blow bubbles in the water and plugging her nose and pretending to go under the water. She's become our little water girl! We love inviting over little friends as often as possible. Nothing better than putting the kids in the pool in 100+ degree weather. I just wish there was room for us moms. We cherish the little splashes of water.

Little Sadie on the Prairie

Who's the little lady under that bonnet?

Grandma & Grandpa Escher went on a curch history tour, and came upon this cute bonnet for pioneer day. The cutest thing about it, is it unbuttons and unfolds into an apron. Sadie loves it. She is so into dressing up whenever she gets the chance. We need to find her some dress up clothes.